Driving Operational Excellence: Transforming Data Management for Heavy Machinery LeaderMachinery Manufacturing

The client, headquartered in Texas, holds the prestigious position of being an authorized dealer for Caterpillar, boasting over 70 years of invaluable experience in the industrial equipment industry.

Specializing in heavy machinery, power systems, product support, and financial services, their legacy speaks volumes about their commitment to excellence. Seeking to elevate customer satisfaction, they embarked on a journey to refine their data collection processes. Collaborating with V2 Team, they transitioned towards an automated system, marking a significant shift towards enhanced data transparency and efficiency.


  • Disparate Data Management Systems The sales team for new machines utilized MS Dynamics for tracking quotes and prices, while the team handling used machines relied on spreadsheets. They also used a third-party database management tool (DBS) was used for storing customer, machine, and inventory information. Data scattered across multiple systems led to inconsistencies and hindered decision-making and collaboration among teams, lacking a single source of truth.
  • Information Silos and Inefficiencies The absence of integration between MS Dynamics, spreadsheets, and the DBS led to information silos. Duplication of efforts and manual data entry processes contributed to inefficiencies and increased the risk of errors.
  • Need for Streamlined Information Management The client recognized the need to streamline their information management process to enhance data integrity, accessibility, and collaboration across all teams. They sought a solution to centralize data storage and establish a unified platform for managing sales, customer information, and inventory data.


  • CPQ and Salesforce CRM Integration V2 Team implemented CPQ and Salesforce CRM, ensuring a cohesive platform for sales operations.
  • DBS Integration and Automation Integrated DBS with Salesforce, automating data availability for quoting, enhancing efficiency.
  • Streamlined Discounting Process Utilized QCP in CPQ to simplify the complex discounting process, improving accuracy and speed.
  • Documentation Enhancement with Formstack Implemented Formstack for streamlined documentation processes like quotations and sales agreements, enhancing efficiency and compliance.
  • Custom Solutions for Product Support Currently developing custom solutions for the product support team, ensuring easy access to product details in Salesforce as needed, enhancing support efficiency.


  • Streamlined Process and Time Savings The automated information collection process resulted in a 40% reduction in the time spent on data gathering and entry tasks.
  • Enhanced Data Visibility Centralizing customer and machine data in Salesforce improved data visibility and transparency across teams, leading to a 35% increase in data accessibility and collaboration efficiency.
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