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CPQ Data Migration for-hassle-free Communication

  • Eliminates manual processes
  • Streamlines file management to boost productivity.
  • Enhances collaboration with real-time file sharing
Reduced data migration effort
0 %
Cut CPQ implementation time
0 %

Clean Sweep Accelerator Streamlined asset management

  • Seamless access and data management
  • Increased efficiency
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
Boosted Developer efficiency
0 %
Better manageability of the MC Org
0 x

Excel to DE For streamlined data management processes

  • Effortlessly performs analysis to ensure data integrity
  • Seamlessly integrates the data into relevant data extensions
  • Simplifies the task of importing and organizing data
Reduced CPQ implementation time
0 %
Increased developer efficiency
0 %
Group 12@1x

IP Warming Planner For creating the cloud page for strategic purposes

  • Provides filtered audiences aligned with IP warming plans
  • Plans proactive identification and resolution of deliverability issues
Increased deliverability rate
0 %
Reduced IP warming planning time
0 %

SFMC Org Health for automating mechanisms to understand the performances of Salesforce platforms.

  • Evaluates key performance indicators, system configurations, and data integrity
  • Ensures proactive identification and resolution of issues
  • Optimizes the efficiency of marketing cloud operations.
MC Org assessment completed
In Weeks
Reduced assessment effort
0 %

Journey From Another Journey for enabling seamless transactional journey across many journeys.

  • Enhances versatility in the Salesforce journeys
  • Enables the invocation of a multi-step journey from another multi-step journey
  • Utilizes an API event as the entry source
Improved journey reusability
0 %
Increased developer efficiency
0 %

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