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Seeking to optimize your Communication, Media and Telecom operations for peak performance?

Unleash the potential of your processes and strategies to optimize audience engagement and create a robust communication network with V2Force’s expertise. Whether you’re focused on enhancing sales performance, refining talent management, or efficiently managing the subscription lifecycle, our tailored solutions address your specific challenges. Harness the capabilities of Salesforce clouds and AI-driven insights to manage content effectively, nurture customer relationships, and ensure every interaction adds value. In the dynamic landscape of communication, media and telecom, our holistic solutions offer a reassuring competitive advantage.

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Key Benefits


Strengthened relationships, with AI-fueled insights

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Real-time campaign execution and optimization

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Seamless Consolidation of Profiles​

Leveraging the sponsorship opportunities​

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Unlocking new avenues for growth​

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Our offerings

Salesforce CRM Integration

Effortlessly manage and track advertisers, campaigns, and contracts with our centralized data solution.

Converged Media Planning

Streamline your media planning with integrated pricing and quoting for a seamless execution experience.

Insightful Ad Performance Tracking

Gain insights into ad performance across your various media channels and optimize your content strategies and audience engagement for better yield results​.

Streamlined Access to talent pools

Give your team access to the complete picture of your on-air Talent including pertinent contact details and travel preferences.​

Enhanced Business Relationship Management​

Understand the web of relationships and the supporting cast surrounding individual Talent such as Lawyers, Agents, Managers, Families, and more.​​

Automating Subscriber engagement

Delight subscribers with automated touchpoints and self-service tools for a personalized experience.​

Where we can help you

Transform your digital presence with our comprehensive experience design and strategy solutions. From conceptualization to execution, we meticulously craft user-centric experiences that align with your brand identity and objectives. By integrating innovative design principles and strategic insights, we elevate engagement, foster customer loyalty, and drive business growth.

Tooling Ad Sales management for Seamless data Leveraging ​


  • Centralization and streamlining of the ad sales operations​
  • Identifying the crucial metrics and KPIs for optimizing performance


  • Centralized data management: Get an enhanced visibility of your customer data using the best CRM solutions.​
  • Automate Ad Insertion and Orders: Boost productivity with automated ad insertions, minimizing errors and accelerating ad deployment.​
  • Inventory Management with Salesforce: Monitor real-time ad slot availability, set pricing, and leverage predictive analytics for precise demand forecasting.​​
  • Collaboration Tools: Optimize collaboration between sales, marketing, and ad ops teams effortlessly with Slack.​

​Looping Talent Management Optimally for Skill Mapping and Enhancement


  • Mining the relevant data from an individual’s professional profile and environment​
  • Challenges with availability of booking preferences and sponsorship opportunities


  • Talent Management Hub: Get access a comprehensive view of all of your on-air talent, to derive their critical information.​
  • Sponsorship Opportunities and Preferences: Know the members of your Talent pool that are flexible to sponsorship opportunities, and type of work they prefer.​​​
  • Third party-access: Connect with Talent Managers and others with a web-based community where they can review sponsorship offers and update talent preferences

Engaging Subscription management feature for Audience Satisfaction and Retention


  • Efficient management of the subscription lifecycle​
  • Understanding the process of a unified platform, streamlining the subscription order management and fulfillment​
  • Integration with other systems for better subscription analytics and decision-making


  • Subscriber Engagement: Engage subscribers with automated touchpoints and self-service tools for personalized experiences.​
  • Prospective Customer Conversion: Utilizes content engagement data to create targeted campaigns, offers, and discounts.​
  • Sales & Marketing Optimization: Create personalized multi-touch customer journeys across platforms and channels for effective upsells, cross-sells, and loyalty programs.

Our Differentiators

Align With Your Industry Trends

Our team of Salesforce experts have pursued the distinguished certifications like Salesforce consultant for Administration, Sales cloud, Service cloud, Marketing cloud and community cloud.

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Accelerate Your Processes

We seamlessly leverage App exchange Accelerators for the CMT industry like Subscriber Details, Journey Details and Journey From Another Journey to catalyze the processes of making informed decisions and personalizing customer expereinces.

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Leverage Industry Insights

With extensive experience in media and communication, we understand their unique needs, allowing us to seamlessly implement tailored Salesforce solutions.

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Why V2Force

Witness the evolution of your media campaigns through heightened audience insights and meticulously targeted approaches, fostering a marked uptick in performance. Embrace the elegance of automated processes to optimize every step of the subscriber lifecycle, fostering loyalty and streamlining hiring processes. Leveraging the analytics power to enable more informed hiring decisions and empower businesses to thrive. Create stronger subscriber engagement through automated touchpoints and targeted campaigns, ensuring every interaction is meaningful and aligned with audiences’ needs.

  • Proven Expertise in Media Sales Management ​
  • Extensive Experience in 3rd party integration ​​​
  • Comprehensive view of talent preferences​​
  • Crafting better growth opportunities​​
  • Strategic Cross-Channel Advertising​

Let’s work together

V2Force is a trusted Salesforce Partner, delivering excellence and creating pathbreaking Customer Satisfaction records for over a decade. We can join you at any phase of your Salesforce journey and help you realize your goals.​

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