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Client is a subscription-based sports website covering professional and college teams in over 45 North American cities.

The site also covers national stories on football, basketball, baseball, hockey, and soccer through a mix of long-form journalism, original reporting, and podcasts. V2 Team helped the client build a recruitment platform to improve their hiring process.


  • Managing Contracted Sportspersons Tracking the interests and preferences of contracted sportspersons in Excel led to communication issues and poor customer experiences.
  • Lack of Efficient Solution The absence of a centralized system for recruitment management resulted in inefficiencies and hindered the candidate selection process.
  • Impact on Customer Experience The challenges in tracking candidate preferences directly affected the quality of content produced, impacting overall customer satisfaction.


  • Streamlined Recruitment Processes Salesforce was deployed to centralize and automate various recruitment activities, such as candidate sourcing, screening, and onboarding. This streamlining reduced manual effort and minimized the chances of errors in the hiring process.
  • Structured Hiring Process Within Salesforce, a structured workflow was designed to guide the hiring process from job posting to candidate selection. This included defining stages, assigning responsibilities, and setting up automated notifications to keep all stakeholders informed about the progress.
  • Integration with Slack for Enhanced Communication By integrating Salesforce with Slack, the communication channels were expanded, allowing recruiters and hiring managers to collaborate more effectively. Notifications about new job postings, candidate updates, and interview scheduling were seamlessly shared across teams, improving coordination and response times.


  • Improved Candidate Experience With a structured hiring process and better communication facilitated by Salesforce and Slack integration, the client could enhance the candidate experience. A smoother recruitment journey could result in a 30% increase in candidate satisfaction rates.
  • Better Hiring Decisions The client could gain deeper insights into recruitment metrics and candidate data resulting in informed decision-making and a 35% improvement in the quality of hires.
  • Enhanced Team Collaboration Integrating Salesforce with Slack enables improved communication and collaboration among recruitment teams. This enhancement could lead to a 25% increase in team productivity and synergy.
  • Efficiency Gains Implementing Salesforce for recruitment could slash manual tasks, reducing paperwork and potentially cutting the recruitment cycle time by 40%.
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