Optimizing Sales and Service Operations: Transforming Challenges into Growth OpportunitiesSports

A partner to premier sports brands, professional leagues and businesses, the client equips local youth sports leagues with the resources, training and tools they need in order to thrive.

The client was looking to replace their manual lead capturing process and streamline sales and service teams, boost revenue and conversions with Salesforce. V2 Team partnered with the client to aid with the continuous improvement of their business processes.


  • Inefficient Lead Nurturing Process Relying on Excel for lead nurturing led to manual processes, inefficiencies in tracking, and delays in follow-ups, potentially resulting in missed opportunities.
  • Hindrance to Sales Team Growth The absence of standardized procedures impeded the scalability and expansion of the sales team, making onboarding new personnel challenging and resulting in inconsistencies in performance.
  • Disconnected Sales and Customer Service Teams Siloed communication channels between sales and customer service teams hindered collaboration and information sharing, leading to disjointed customer experiences and difficulty in addressing inquiries and issues effectively.
  • Tracking Challenges  The use of outdated tools for tracking and reporting posed challenges in obtaining real-time insights into sales performance. Limited visibility into key metrics and performance indicators made it difficult for the management to make informed decisions and devise strategies for improvement.


  • Streamlined Lead Capture and Nurturing Implemented automated workflows and templates to streamline lead capture and nurturing processes, reducing manual effort and improving efficiency.
  • Integrated Sales and Service Teams Onboarded both sales and service teams onto a unified platform, facilitating seamless collaboration and information sharing between departments.
  • Seamless Integrations with Web Interface Integrated Salesforce with the client’s web interface for orders and registrations, ensuring a seamless flow of data between systems and enhancing the overall customer experience.
  • Continuous Improvement Partnership Established a collaborative partnership with the client to continuously improve processes and systems, ensuring ongoing optimization and alignment with business goals.


  • Improved Customer Response Time Reduced the time to response by 100%, leading to faster resolution of customer inquiries and issues.
  • Increased Conversion Rate Achieved a 72% increase in conversion rates, indicating improved effectiveness of sales and marketing efforts.
  • Actionable Insights Provided actionable reports and dashboards with relevant sales metrics, enhancing decision-making processes and driving strategic initiatives forward.
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