Driving Sales Excellence: Transforming Processes with SalesforceReal Estate

The client is a real estate company based in the US assisting states, counties, and cities to provide low cost and high-quality housing.

They were looking for a digital transformation partner and relied on V2 Team to help them enhance their existing sales process for better visibility, connectivity, tracking, and reporting. They scaled up their digital journey program with Salesforce leading to increased customer satisfaction.


  • Manual Data Handling and Tracking End customers input data manually via forms for property cataloging and queries, leading to inefficiencies and errors. Information stored in Excel and Google Sheets lacked centralized tracking, resulting in lost leads and missed opportunities.
  • Ineffective Promotional Activities Lack of precise scheduling and implementation of promotional activities such as emails, brochures, and quotations affected customer engagement and retention. Manual handling hampered the timely delivery of promotional materials, leading to decreased effectiveness and customer satisfaction.
  • Need for Process Automation and Streamlining There was a desire to automate and streamline the entire process to improve operational efficiency and enhance customer satisfaction. They were seeking a solution to integrate data collection, lead tracking, and promotional activities into a cohesive system for better management and effectiveness.


  • Utilizing Salesforce for Sales Process Enhancement Implemented Sales Cloud to establish a structured sales process encompassing lead generation, approval workflows, and deal closure. Leveraged Salesforce platform to enhance visibility, connectivity, tracking, and reporting for improved sales management.
  • Streamlining Lead Generation and Tracking Integration of a Web-to-Lead form with the client’s website enabled direct capture of information into Salesforce, simplifying lead generation. Simplification of the lead conversion process facilitated efficient tracking of leads at every stage, ensuring no opportunities are missed.
  • Improving Communication and Follow-Up Implementation of emailer alerts and templates within Sales Cloud facilitated timely communication and follow-ups with customers, enhancing customer engagement and sales effectiveness.


  • Time Savings and Optimization Automation and streamlining of the end-to-end sales process resulted in a 30% reduction in the time required for lead tracking and generation.
  • Improved Customer Engagement Automatic email reminders facilitated efficient communication, resulting in  20% increase in customer engagement and ultimately leading to better sales.
  • Efficient Data Management Managing data discrepancies with Sales Cloud led to an error reduction of 25%, ensuring a more efficient and accurate process overall.
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