Transforming Mining Operations: Streamling end-to-end processes​Mining​

The Client is a cutting-edge industry partner to everyone who makes their living in the mining industry.

They thrive for the opportunity to put their quality team, equipment and process improvements to work for their customers. They provide a comprehensive range of equipment and expertise required for various projects, spanning mining, excavation, construction, reclamation, managed services, and heavy transport. They sought to implement a unified platform that could streamline operations, enhance visibility, and promote collaboration across all facets of their business, from workforce management to machinery transportation and clearance management.


  • Operational Inefficiencies and Manual Processes Manual paperwork completion at remote sites led to time-consuming operations and significant gaps in data accuracy and accessibility.​
  • Lack of Centralized Process Management Absence of a centralized system for workforce, process, and machinery management hindered transparency and efficiency across operations.​
  • Supervisor KPI Evaluation and Bonus Payout The need to establish a system for evaluating Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for supervisors to support bonus payouts required structured data and clear performance metrics.​


  • UI Automation The V2 team conducted a thorough analysis of existing processes and developed a user-friendly interface to automate manual data entry, reducing errors and enhancing efficiency.​
  • Vendor Management Implementation A vendor management system was implemented to streamline legal processes related to vendor management, enhancing transparency in vendor interactions​
  • Integration with Multiple Systems Salesforce was seamlessly integrated with various third-party systems, including Paycom for employee attendance tracking, Digital Signature for onsite receipts, Dropbox for forms management, and e-Maint for heavy haul equipment inventory tracking, enabling smooth data flow and centralized management.​
  • Custom Approval Process Custom development was undertaken to establish an approval workflow for validating and approving uploaded information, ensuring accuracy and compliance with company standards.​
  • Tech stack: Sales Cloud, Experience cloud, Talend, Dropbox, eMaint


  • Enhanced Team Efficiency Operational team efficiency improved by 70%, while the finance team experienced a 50% increase in efficiency. This resulted in faster completion of tasks, reduced turnaround time, and streamlined financial processes.​
  • Improved Visibility Management gained a comprehensive overview of work progress, manpower utilization, and machinery usage across all sites, resulting in a 30% increase in productivity.​
  • Streamlined Invoicing and Approval Process Invoicing transparency led to a 50% faster invoice processing and a 25% decrease in payment delays.​
  • Transparency for Future Opportunities Enhanced transparency provided clients with insights into future business opportunities, improving client satisfaction and potentially increasing revenue by 30%.​
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