Enhancing Customer Engagement and Sales Efficiency through Call Center Integration​Financial services

Client is a leading online loan marketplace, offering a platform that connects consumers with multiple lenders for various financial products such as mortgages, personal loans, and credit cards.

With a focus on transparency and convenience, they simplify the borrowing process by providing personalized loan options tailored to individual needs, ultimately empowering consumers to make informed financial decisions. V2 Team helped optimize client’s sales workflow, simplify issue management and boost productivity of teams.


  • Establishing Call Center Application The client aimed to streamline customer-agent interactions and lender matching by implementing a call center application as a crucial communication channel.​
  • Tracking Caller History The client aimed to enhance customer service efficiency by maintaining comprehensive caller history, enabling personalized solutions, effective issue resolution, and seamless caller experiences.


  • Utilization of Salesforce Call Center Feature The team leveraged the Call Center feature within Salesforce, complemented by the integration of a Five9 CTI package. This setup facilitated seamless communication between agents and customers, enhancing the efficiency of call handling and response times.​
  • Optimized Agent Console View in Salesforce By utilizing the console view in Salesforce, agents gained access to comprehensive customer information during interactions. This enabled them to provide personalized assistance and address inquiries effectively, leading to improved customer satisfaction and retention.​
  • Empowering Lenders with Mobile Accessibility The implementation allowed lenders to run their business operations directly from their smartphones. With quick access to leads, data, and support, lenders could efficiently connect with potential customers and drive sales, thereby enhancing business agility and responsiveness.​
  • Enhanced Caller Identification and Personalization Agents were equipped to identify callers and access their past interactions seamlessly. This capability enabled agents to offer personalized information and solutions tailored to each caller’s needs, fostering stronger customer relationships and reducing repetitive inquiries.​
  • Tech Stack: Service cloud, Sales cloud


  • Call Handling Efficiency Achieved a 30% reduction in call handling time, boosting agent productivity.
  • Customer Satisfaction Increased customer satisfaction scores by 25%, enhancing overall customer experience.​
  • Sales Conversion Rates Improved sales conversion by 20% through quick lead connection and support for lenders.​
  • Query Resolution Decreased repetitive queries by 15% with access to past conversations, streamlining support.​
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