Transforming Operations: Harnessing CPQ for Enhanced Visibility and Operational Efficiency​Hotel Management​

Client is a California based hotel management company focused on creating outstanding results for hotel owners since 1999.

Specializing in management, consulting, ownership, and development of premier hotel properties, they prioritize delivering outstanding results for hotel owners. Their proactive approach enables them to swiftly adapt to market forces and capitalize on emerging opportunities, ensuring a competitive edge in the hospitality industry. They were seeking streamlined solutions to simplify quotations and centralize data management.


  • Lack of Standardization Lack of standardization across hotel properties led to inefficiencies and errors in booking management and guest services.​
  • Absence of Consolidated View Disparate reservation systems hindered the client’s ability to gain a comprehensive view of hotel operations, impacting resource allocation and revenue potential.​
  • Difficulty in Optimization Decentralized reservation systems hindered room inventory management and revenue optimization, limiting dynamic pricing and targeted promotions.


  • System Integration Utilizing Salesforce CPQ, our team conducted a thorough analysis of the existing reservation systems across all hotel properties​
  • Unified Reservation Management We configured a centralized portal within the Salesforce environment to serve as a single point of access for managing room availability and bookings across all properties that enabled the client to monitor inventory levels in real-time, streamline the booking process, and avoid instances of double bookings or underutilized inventory.​
  • Customized Quotation Templates Developed tailored quotation templates to meet the unique requirements of each property.​
  • Revenue Reporting Solution Implemented a custom solution for generating daily revenue reports, with role-based access for relevant stakeholders, centralizing room availability and bookings across properties in a unified portal.​
  • Tech Stack: CPQ, Sales cloud and Marketing cloud​


  • Enhanced Efficiency Streamlined operations across properties resulted in a 25% increase in productivity and resource utilization.​
  • Improved Decision-making Consolidated reporting facilitated data-driven business decisions, leading to optimized strategies and resource allocation enhancing decision making accuracy by 40%.​
  • Revenue Boost Experienced a 20% uplift in revenue generation and profitability due to enhanced efficiency and informed decision-making.​
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