Improving Operational Synergy: Seamlessly Integrating Salesforce and Navision​Manufacturing​

Based out in Milwaukee, WI, they are the world's best remanufacturer of automatic transmissions for import and domestic cars & trucks.

The client has been facing major challenges with manual and ineffective processes. They were looking for  solutions to integrate Navision and leverage the true value of  Salesforce capabilities.


  • Integration Gaps with Navision Existing Salesforce Org handled Order Tracking and Data Storage, but the client’s use of Navision, a separate system, posed challenges. Without integration between Salesforce and Navision, there were gaps in data synchronization and communication. This resulted in manual data entry, increased chances of errors, and delayed decision-making due to the lack of real-time insights.​
  • Limited Order Visibility While Salesforce managed Order Tracking, Navision was not integrated, limiting the client’s visibility into the complete order lifecycle. This disjointed approach meant that crucial order data was fragmented across systems, making it difficult to analyze trends, identify bottlenecks, or optimize processes. As a result, the client faced challenges in monitoring order statuses, identifying customer preferences, and offering personalized services efficiently.​


  • Integration with Navision via APIs and Batch Apex Leveraging Salesforce’s robust integration capabilities, we seamlessly connected the Salesforce Org with Navision using APIs and Batch Apex. This integration enabled real-time data synchronization between the two systems, eliminating manual data entry, reducing errors, and ensuring consistency across platforms.​
  • Enhanced Transaction Transparency We introduced a new feature within the Salesforce Org to provide transparency in all transactions and facilitate collaboration among diverse teams. This feature allowed stakeholders to access up-to-date information, track order statuses, and communicate seamlessly within the platform, improving efficiency and decision-making.​
  • Data Migration and Update Activities Managed comprehensive data migration and updates for seamless integration, ensuring accurate information for decision-making.​
  • Key Management Reports Generated essential reports to provide actionable insights for the management team, aiding informed decision-making.​
  • Tech stack: Sales cloud, Navision


  • Improved Data Transparency and Collaboration Integration between Salesforce and Navision led to a 30% reduction in data silos, enhancing collaboration and decision-making across teams.​
  • Enhanced Efficiency through Automation Implementation of new features and automation resulted in a 50% increase in overall operational efficiency, reducing manual effort and minimizing errors.​
  • Elevated Customer Rating The accelerated and seamless processes lead to enhanced customer rating to 4.5/5 CSAT.​
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