Transforming the IVR System for Enhanced Customer Service using Service Cloud​Real Estate

The client is a prominent luxury vacation rental management company known for its exceptional service and curated experiences.

However, the company faced critical challenges with its Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system, impacting customer satisfaction and agent productivity. We leveraged Salesforce expertise to revamp the IVR system and upgraded it to build client’s confidence in their services.


  • Disorganized Flows and Routings The IVR system was disorganized, with numerous error-prone flows and routings leading to inefficiencies in call handling and unsatisfied customers.​
  • Malfunctioning Components The critical components of the IVR system were malfunctioning, causing disruptions in customer interactions, and hindering seamless communication.​
  • Voicemail Forwarding Issues The customers’ messages were not directed to the appropriate agents leading significant client loss, as inquiries went unanswered and service quality suffered.​
  • Low Agent Productivity Various IVR issues lead to low agent productivity. Agents struggled to navigate the system effectively, leading to prolonged call durations, increased wait times, and diminished overall efficiency.​


Our team implemented a multi-faceted solution to address the IVR system issues, including initial fixes and upgrades. This step was necessary to stabilize the existing process and system.

  • Injecting Stability Performed Initial Fixes and modified existing Service Cloud configurations to stabilize the existing process and system. Then built custom logic to route voicemails to the current queues.
  • Integrating Technologies for transformed outcomes Integrated Amazon Connect with Salesforce to implement custom IVR flows and logic for features such as Previous Agent functionality, holiday routing, and emergency number handling based on incoming numbers. Handled smooth, dynamic routing for 220 different numbers using DynamoDB and Lambda Functions.​
  • Overcoming Hurdles Addressed complex customizations requiring Lambda Functions, API Callouts, and Salesforce Data Models.​
  • Introducing Best Practices Created comprehensive documentation of the existing system to facilitate understanding for new team members. Documented new requirements and created detailed IVR flow diagram​
  • Tech Stack: Salesforce Service Cloud, AWS and Amazon Connect System​


  • Increased Efficiency The enhanced IVR system led to increase in efficiency of agents by more than 90%.​
  • Zero Voicemail Routing Errors The custom logic for routing voice mails led to 100% accuracy in voice mail and a 95% reduction in missed customer calls.​
  • Enhanced Client Confidence Client’s initial skepticism transformed into confidence as a result of our technical expertise and project management skills.​
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