Innovative Growth Journey: Harnessing Data-Driven Solutions for a Global Media BrandMedia

The client, a renowned global media brand, has been delivering premium content to audiences worldwide for over two decades.

In response to increasing competition and evolving technological trends, they sought to enhance customer engagement and embrace cutting-edge technologies. Recognizing the importance of improved communication and personalized services, the client aimed to address gaps in their approach to prevent further revenue decline.​


  • Lag in Gaining Attention It was a challenge to effectively capture audience interest, optimizing ad and content monetization strategies.​
  • Gaps in Cross-team collaboration Fostering collaboration among departments and coordinating with multiple partners to ensure optimal business operations was a hurdle for the client​
  • Managing Complex Billing Implementing novel monetization strategies such as freemium models, paywalls, e-learning platforms, events, and merchandise, lead to feasibility constraints and require considerable time for execution.​


  • Inducing Personalization Our team harnessed the features of Marketing cloud to orchestrate sophisticated, multi-channel nurturing journeys tailored to resonate with each customer on a personal level.​
  • Streamlining billing and subscription Irrespective of monetization strategy we designed Salesforce solution that can be configured to support it. ​
  • Creating Innovating with collaboration and data Leveraging the power of Experience cloud, facilitate collaboration with content producers, partners and advertisers through a custom portal.​
  • Streamline ad Sales Implementation a scalable integration strategy using tools like Mulesoft, we successfully reduced order leakage by providing a holistic, sales process so advertisers could talk to one person to reach their target audience across multiple diverse media brands.​
  • Tech Stack: Sales cloud, Marketing cloud, Service cloud​


  • Enhancing Audience Engagement By delivering personalized nurturing journeys, customer engagement and satisfaction are significantly boosted, leading to a notable 40% increase of loyalty and retention .​
  • Improved Revenue Management The streamlined billing process reduces errors and delays, ensured timely payments, maximizing revenue collection, and showed 15% improved revenue boost.​
  • Data-Driven Decision Making Leveraging data analytics within Experience Cloud enabled informed decision-making by 3x times, leading to more effective content creation, partnership engagements, and advertising strategies.​
  • Improved Customer Experience Providing advertisers with a unified sales process enhances their customer experience 2x times, leading to increased satisfaction and repeat business.​
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