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The client develops and operates real estate investments on behalf of one of the largest alternative asset managers in the world.

Spanning from corporate spaces to retail hubs, logistics centers to residential complexes, and hospitality venues to urban developments, their expertise traverses diverse sectors, crafting top-tier, environmentally-conscious real estate projects worldwide. They were looking for a reliable partner to elevate their overall customer experience with personalized journeys​.


  • Inefficient Lead Nurturing Process The client struggled with an ineffective lead nurturing process, leading to missed opportunities and decreased conversion rates. Lack of seamless system for personalized communication impacted overall sales performance and customer engagement.​
  • Lack of Seamless Cross-Channel Communication Inconsistent messaging across emails, SMS, push notifications, ads, web landing pages, and apps across various channels hindered the delivery of personalized experiences to customers resulting in a disjointed customer journey.​
  • Limited Customer Journey Management Inability to manage B2C customer journeys based on real-time and predicted behavior restricted the client’s ability to optimize interactions and enhance customer satisfaction.​
  • Consolidated Reporting they required consolidated reports to gain insights into the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns and customer interactions, facilitating data-driven decision-making.​


  • Streamlined Lead Management Implemented Sales Cloud to optimize lead capture and nurturing processes, ensuring efficient handling and tracking of leads from acquisition to conversion.​
  • Unified Customer Engagement Recommended a consolidation strategy using Salesforce Marketing Cloud to streamline customer engagement across multiple channels, enabling personalized communication and consistent messaging.​
  • Personalized Outreach Utilized Salesforce Journey Builder to create personalized email outreach campaigns tailored to different lines of business (LOBs), enhancing engagement and conversion rates through targeted communication​
  • Enhanced Analytics Deployed Datorama to improve customer analytics for consolidated reporting, providing insights into marketing performance and customer interactions across various touchpoints for informed decision-making​
  • Tech Stack: Sales cloud, Marketing cloud


  • Shorter Sales Cycles Reduced sales cycle duration by 15%, leading to faster revenue generation​
  • Boosted Customer Engagement Achieved a 20% increase in customer engagement rates through targeted, multichannel communication strategies.​
  • Improved User Experience Enhanced user experience by personalizing customer journeys, resulting in a 25% increase in customer satisfaction scores.​
  • Data-Driven Decision-Making Enabled data-driven decision-making, contributing to a 10% improvement in overall revenue growth​
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