Transforming Quote Generation: A CPQ Success Story​Manufacturing

The client, a renowned global market leader, is dedicated to delivering top-tier products and services within the realms of time-synchronization, advanced monitoring, and facility compliance.

The client, committed to excellence, leveraged CPQ to streamline and enhance the accuracy of their quote generation. Working with the V2 Team, they optimized their processes, simplifying and refining their approach. Through strategic initiatives and tailored solutions, they boosted operational efficiency, maintaining their market leader position.


  • Inefficient CPQ Setup Despite utilizing CPQ, the client faced inefficiencies due to inadequate setup for diverse subscription models. CPQ lacked customization to accommodate various subscription structures, hindering seamless operations.​
  • Manual Quotation Creation Quotation generation remained a manual and time-consuming task for the client. The absence of automated processes prolonged the quotation creation process, impacting efficiency.​
  • Underutilization of CPQ The client recognized the need to leverage CPQ effectively to optimize their workflow. Proper utilization of CPQ was crucial for streamlining processes and enhancing overall efficiency.​


  • Analysis and Planning The team conducted a thorough analysis of existing systems during the discovery phase and collaborated with the client to develop a comprehensive plan of action. By understanding the client’s requirements and challenges, a strategic approach was formulated to address their specific needs effectively.​
  • Configuration of Subscription and Asset Products Proper configuration of subscription and asset products within CPQ was implemented by the team. This involved customization and optimization of CPQ settings to ensure seamless handling of various subscription models and asset offerings.​
  • Automation Implementation Automated processes were set up to streamline contract generation and renewal processes. Advanced notifications were configured to be sent to contract owners and customers, ensuring timely reminders about subscription expirations and renewals.​
  • Quotation Template Enhancement The team updated the quotation template to accommodate products added through upsell or amendments. This modification ensured that quotations accurately reflected the scope of products and services included in the subscription agreements.​


  • Revenue Protection Implementation of the automated renewal process potentially safeguarded against revenue loss, with a projected reduction of missed renewals by up to 30%, ensuring continuity of income streams.​
  • Efficiency Gains Streamlining the quote generation process led to increased efficiency, resulting in the creation of accurate quotes in a shorter timeframe, potentially reducing quote generation time by approximately 50%.​
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