Creating Powerful Marketing Campaigns: Leveraging Salesforce Solutions to Drive Engagement and Growth​Media

The client, a global leader in visual media, operates as a premier content bank with a vast collection of over 700 million images, vectors, illustrations, and footage clips contributed by various creators.

Keeping pace with technological innovation is paramount as they manage this mammoth volume of content. However, their existing CRM system was struggling to keep up with the rapid evolution of the industry.


  • Challenges with Subscription management The faced challenges balancing the need for flexible subscription options while ensuring sustainable revenue models and customer satisfaction. ​
  • Streamlining of Content Libraries The client was looking for solutions to implement effective categorization and tagging systems to enhance searchability and user experience within vast content repositories. ​
  • Personalization of Preferences Ensuring that every customer is served with personalized content required employing advanced algorithms and user data analysis to deliver tailored content, based on individual preferences and past interactions. ​
  • Leveraging Ad Revenue Strategically integrating advertisements within the platform to generate additional revenue streams while maintaining a seamless and non-intrusive user experience.​


  • Assessing the Current CRM Landscape Our team thoroughly examined the client’s existing CRM system and recommended implementing Salesforce solutions.​
  • Improving the Billing Process By integrating Salesforce Sales Cloud and CPQ, we streamlined operations, effectively managing subscription tiers, billing cycles, and customer accounts with seamless efficiency. For instance, our integration allowed us to automate the billing process, reducing manual errors and saving our team significant time and effort.​
  • Seamless Content Management Our team established a robust system using the Experience Cloud, ensuring precise utilization of content libraries during streaming sessions, thereby reassuring you of the efficiency of your operations.​
  • Personalized Customer Experience with Customer 360 Our platform, powered by Customer 360, delivers dynamic content tailored to individual preferences through advanced data analytics, making your customers feel valued.​
  • Optimizing Ad Revenue Through the integration of Salesforce Sales Cloud and Revenue Cloud, we maximized our advertising platform’s potential, resulting in optimized ad revenue management and enhanced profitability.​
  • Tech Stack: Sales cloud, CPQ, Customer 360, Revenue cloud​


  • Increased Subscriber Retention Implementation of personalized content recommendations leads to higher user satisfaction and retention rates by 50%.​
  • Maximized Ad Revenue Utilization of Salesforce Sales cloud enables targeted ad placements, maximizing ad revenue by 15% without compromising user experience.​
  • Data-Driven Insights Salesforce provided valuable insights into user preferences and behaviors, enhancing informed decision-making by 3X times and continuous improvement of content offerings.​
  • Sustainable Growth With efficient subscription management and personalized content delivery, the platform experiences sustained growth in both user base and revenue streams.​
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