Revolutionizing License and Certificate Management with Salesforce Public Sector Cloud​IT Services

The client has emerged as one of the leading information technology service providers in Florida.

They have an employee-driven, client-centred approach in providing the highest level of service and tailored solutions for government-based projects. They were seeking streamlined solutions to simplify the complex management of applications, renewals, and licenses to enhance overall process efficiency. V2 Team enabled better license and certificate management along with improved transparency of the process.


  • Complex Licensing Processes The client’s licensing authority department (RALT) manages various licenses and certificates, each requiring specific sets of information. Capturing diverse information for different license types within their existing system proved to be a tedious task.​
  • Cumbersome Process Management Handling multiple types of processes, including applications and renewals, alongside managing various licenses, became cumbersome for the client. The existing system lacked the flexibility and efficiency needed to streamline these processes effectively.​
  • Need for Simplification and Streamlining The client sought to simplify and streamline their end-to-end licensing process to improve efficiency and reduce complexity. They aimed to enhance their system to handle diverse license types and processes more effectively, from application submission to renewal management.​


  • Implementation of Public Sector Cloud Framework Utilized Salesforce’s Public Sector Cloud framework to simplify information capturing for various license types, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.​
  • Streamlined License Management Process Simplified the end-to-end process of managing licenses and certificates, reducing complexity and improving workflow efficiency.​
  • Transparency with Community Cloud Features Leveraged features of the experience Cloud to provide applicants with transparency regarding the status of their license applications, enhancing user experience and satisfaction.​
  • Enhanced User Interface Implemented Velocity for designing forms and scripts, allowing end users to easily fill out application information. Additionally, utilized Omniscript to create a more intuitive user interface, improving usability and reducing errors.​
  • Tech stack: Field service lighting, Experience cloud​


  • Streamlined Process Efficiency Achieved a 30% improvement in process efficiency due to the streamlined end-to-end process, resulting in faster license processing times.​
  • Enhanced Transparency with Community Cloud Increased applicant satisfaction by 40% through improved visibility and transparency in the application process facilitated by the Community Cloud features.​
  • Improved License Management Enhanced license and certificate management resulted in a 30% reduction in administrative overhead, leading to cost savings and resource optimization.​
  • Enhanced User Experience (UI/UX) Achieved a 25% increase in user satisfaction by enhancing the UI and UX, leading to higher user engagement and productivity.​
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