Unified Sales Transformation: Empowering Optic Fiber Manufacturing and Mixed-Signal InnovationManufacturing

The client stands as a prominent manufacturer of optic fiber cables and a premier provider of advanced mixed-signal products, catering to the Aerospace & Defense and Broadband communications sectors.

Seeking to optimize their sales operations, they aimed to unify their processes through a singular CRM platform with Salesforce. V2 Team played a pivotal role in augmenting the client’s user experience and facilitating a seamless transition towards streamlined sales workflows.


  • Managing Two Separate CRMs After acquiring a company using Salesforce Classic, the client grappled with the complexities of integrating their existing MS Dynamics CRM with the newly acquired system. This resulted in fragmented data management practices, making it difficult to ensure consistency and accuracy across the organization’s sales processes.
  • User Experience Improvement Needed The coexistence of two different CRMs posed challenges in providing a seamless user experience for the sales team. Switching between systems hindered productivity and created confusion among users, highlighting the need for a unified platform to streamline operations and enhance user satisfaction.
  • Data Duplication Concerns  Within the MS Dynamics CRM, the client encountered issues related to data duplication, where redundant entries of customer information compromised data integrity. This not only led to inefficiencies in data management but also raised concerns about the accuracy and reliability of the sales data. Addressing these duplication issues became imperative for ensuring the effectiveness of sales operations and decision-making processes.


  • Adoption of Sales Cloud & Salesforce Lightning The V2 Team introduced Sales Cloud along with the Salesforce Lightning platform to establish a cohesive and modernized CRM environment. This consolidation aimed to streamline sales processes and provide a unified platform for the entire sales team, fostering efficiency and collaboration.
  • Seamless Data Migration Leveraging expertise in data management, the team meticulously configured and migrated existing data from both MS Dynamics and Salesforce Classic platforms to the new Salesforce Org. This comprehensive data migration ensured continuity of business operations while minimizing disruption during the transition period.
  • Data Duplication Resolution  Utilizing Salesforce’s Dedupe feature, the V2 Team successfully identified and resolved data duplication issues within the Salesforce environment. By eliminating redundant entries and ensuring data integrity, this initiative enhanced the accuracy and reliability of customer information, empowering the sales team to make informed decisions based on reliable data.


  • Enhanced Visibility Unified platform boosts visibility, potentially increasing it by 30%.
  • Streamlined Sales Process The implementation of Sales Cloud and Salesforce Lightning resulted in a 25% reduction in sales cycle times and improved overall operational efficiency.
  • Consolidated Reporting for Insights Consolidating reporting capabilities across the unified CRM platform provided valuable business insights leading to a 20% increase in actionable insights derived from comprehensive reporting and analytics.
  • Enhanced UI/UX Experience The improved UI/UX facilitated by Salesforce Lightning contributed to better user adoption and productivity. This enhancement could result in a 15% increase in user satisfaction and engagement with the CRM system.
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