Enhancing Sales Efficiency: Streamlining Lead to Cash flow with Salesforce Integration​Cloud data Management

The client is a cloud data management company.

It provides data management services such as the backup and recovery, targeting enterprises that run hybrid cloud environments. They revamped the time-intensive Lead to Cash process for more efficient quote generation. They were looking for a partner to the client in achieving end-to-end process tracking to enhance overall visibility.


  • Inefficient Lead to Cash Process The existing lead to cash process was slow, complex, and time-consuming, hampering sales efficiency and delaying revenue generation.​
  • Manual Product Model and Subscription Process Manual handling of the complicated product model, bundling, and subscription processes led to unreliable pricing, creating challenges in delivering accurate quotes and invoices to customers.​
  • Lack of Integration with ERP System Without integration between the customer and product data stored in Salesforce and the ERP system, the organization faced significant challenges in maintaining data integrity and synchronization. Discrepancies between systems resulted in inaccuracies in inventory management, order fulfillment, and financial reporting. The absence of real-time data exchange limited visibility into critical business metrics and hindered decision-making processes across departments.​


  • Consolidation Strategy with Salesforce CPQ Conducted a comprehensive analysis of existing systems and processes to identify inefficiencies and areas for improvement. Implemented a consolidation strategy leveraging Salesforce CPQ to streamline the end-to-end sales process.​
  • Implementation of Salesforce CPQ Features Configured various features of Salesforce CPQ, including License SKU, Product Bundle, Filtering, Product and Price Engine rule, Quote template, and Advance approval process. Customized CPQ functionalities to align with the organization’s specific requirements and enhance sales efficiency.​
  • Integration with External Systems Integrated Salesforce CPQ with ERP NetSuite system, Rivesand product master system, and Snowflake Campaign system using middle layer Jitterbit Application Integration. Ensured seamless data flow between Salesforce CPQ and external systems to enable accurate pricing, inventory management, and campaign tracking.​
  • Utilization of CPQ for Order Orchestration Leveraged CPQ order orchestration capabilities for streamlined order fulfillment and assets creation. Automated CPQ billing cycle generation based on the pricing model setup, reducing manual intervention and minimizing billing errors.​
  • Tech stack: CPQ, Sales cloud, snowflake, Jitter bit, Net suite​


  • Precision and Error-Free Pricing Implementation of CPQ quotes resulted in a 95% reduction in pricing errors, ensuring accuracy and reliability in quotes.​
  • Improved Visibility with End-to-End Tracking End-to-end tracking capabilities provided by CPQ led to a 60% increase in visibility across the sales process, enabling better decision-making and proactive management.​
  • Cost Reduction through Tight Collaboration The combination of CPQ and ERP systems led to a 20% reduction in operating expenses due to enhanced collaboration and streamlined processes.​
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