Streamlining Manufacturing Operations With Salesforce Cloud​Manufacturing

The client is a leading manufacturer specializing in automotive components.

With multiple production facilities and a global supply chain network, the client faced complex challenges in managing production processes, inventory, and supplier relationships.​


  • Siloed data Siloed systems and disparate processes hindered production planning, inventory management, and supplier collaboration.
  • Limited data visibility Lack of real-time visibility into inventory levels and production schedules led to delays, excess inventory, and increased costs.
  • Disrupted supply chain Manual data entry and communication gaps with suppliers impacted overall supply chain performance.


  • Unified Production Planning The Salesforce implementation integrated data from ERP systems, production equipment, and supply chain partners, providing real-time visibility into production schedules, inventory levels, and resource allocation. 
  • Inventory Optimization Leveraging the inventory management capabilities, we implemented dynamic inventory tracking and demand forecasting algorithms. 
  • Supplier Collaboration Our team facilitated seamless collaboration with suppliers through a centralized portal for order management, inventory visibility, and performance tracking. Automated workflows and alerts streamlined communication, enabling proactive issue resolution and improving supplier relationships.
  • Analytics and Insights The advanced analytics tools provided the client with actionable insights into production performance, supplier efficiency, and inventory trends. By leveraging these insights, the client could identify bottlenecks, optimize processes, and drive continuous improvement across its operations.
  • Techstack: Industry cloud


  • Increased Production EfficiencyThe client experienced a 20% increase in production efficiency, with optimized production planning and resource allocation reducing downtime and improving throughput.
  • Inventory Cost Reduction The dynamic inventory management led to a 15% reduction in inventory carrying costs, as the client maintained optimal inventory levels and minimized excess stock.​
  • Improved Supplier Relationships Enhanced collaboration with suppliers resulted in a 25% reduction in lead times and a 30% decrease in supply chain disruptions, fostering stronger partnerships and greater reliability in the supply chain.​
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