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Our client is a subsidiary company under the client’s business.

They help their target customers resolve tax issues and streamline their tax relief journey through cutting-edge software.


  • Information Capture Challenges The current system lacked efficiency in gathering required customer data, leading to gaps in information. Difficulty in customizing the system hindered the client from optimizing their client portal for streamlined data capture.​
  • Customization and Optimization Needs A solution was needed to customize the existing system for enhanced data capture capabilities and improved user experience.​
  • Reporting and Insights Analysis The client sought to generate customized reports and analyze insights derived from the collected data for informed decision-making.​


  • Salesforce CRM Implementation Complete migration to Salesforce CRM was executed in alignment with the client’s specifications, ensuring a seamless transition.​
  • Data Utilization and Modeling Leveraging Salesforce CRM enabled the client to effectively store and utilize customer data, leveraging advanced data modeling features for enhanced insights and informed decision-making.​
  • Third-Party Integrations Various third-party integrations were implemented to enhance system functionality and ensure seamless connectivity with external systems and tools.​
  • Client Portal Optimization The client portal was optimized to meet specific requirements by incorporating new fields and functionalities, enhancing data capture capabilities and user experience.​
  • Tech stack: Salesforce CRM​


  • Improved User Experience Enhanced user experience resulted in a 30% increase in user satisfaction scores.​
  • Streamlined Process Efficiency Automation and streamlining processes led to a 25% reduction in time spent on manual tasks.​
  • Efficient Data Utilization Utilizing a unified platform for data collection and analysis resulted in a 20% improvement in decision-making accuracy.​
  • Enhanced Customer Service Improved customer service contributed to a 15% increase in revenue from repeat customers.​
  • Compatibility Across Platforms Ensuring compatibility across browsers and devices led to a 10% increase in user engagement on mobile devices.​
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