Transforming Healthcare Operations With Salesforce Industry Cloud​Healthcare

The client is a leading healthcare provider committed to delivering high-quality patient care and improving health outcomes.

They faced several challenges in managing patient data, coordinating care, and enhancing patient engagement. With a diverse and huge patient data they need a robust solution to streamline their operations.​


  • Fragmented patient data Encountered challenges in managing patient data, coordinating care, and enhancing patient engagement.
  • Gaps in care giving Siloed systems and fragmented processes hindered communication among healthcare providers, leading to inefficiencies and care delivery gaps.
  • Need for a Unified platform The absence of a unified platform made it difficult to personalize patient experiences and utilize data-driven insights effectively for better outcomes.


  • Unified Patient Data The Industry Cloud integrated data from disparate sources, providing a unified view of patient information, medical history, and care plans. 
  • Care Collaboration The implementation facilitated seamless communication and collaboration among care teams, enabling secure messaging, task assignment, and care plan coordination.
  • Personalized Patient Engagement Leveraging patient engagement capabilities, the client implemented personalized communication channels to engage patients throughout their healthcare journey.
  • Analytics and Insights The robust analytics capabilities provided the client with actionable insights into patient outcomes, resource utilization, and operational performance. 
  • Techstack: Industry cloud


  • Enhanced Care CoordinationCare teams experienced a 35% increase in efficiency, with streamlined communication and coordination improving patient handoffs and care transitions.
  • Improved Patient Engagement Patient engagement initiatives led to a 25% increase in patient satisfaction scores, as patients felt more empowered and involved in their healthcare journey.​
  • Optimized Resource Utilization Data-driven insights enabled ABC Healthcare to optimize resource allocation, resulting in a 20% reduction in wait times and a 15% increase in appointment scheduling efficiency.​
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