Transforming Sales Efficiency: Overcoming Manual Data Entry Challenges with Salesforce AutomationReal Estate

The client is based around San Francisco and is a property broker that buys single-family homes and sells them to consortiums of buyers.

The client facilitates the acquisition and management of second homes through property-specific LLCs, offering a hassle-free ownership experience. Leveraging proprietary technology, they streamline property management tasks and scheduling processes, ensuring efficient and cost-effective ownership for their customers. They sought a dependable partner to streamline property management processes and enhance the ownership experience for their clients.


  • Manual Data Entry Customer data entry through Google Sheets proved to be a cumbersome process, often leading to errors and inefficiencies due to manual handling.​
  • Disjointed Sales Process The sales team encountered challenges as they had to navigate through multiple screens and applications to input data collected from end-users. This disjointed process not only consumed time but also increased the likelihood of errors due to manual handling and data transfer.​
  • Requirement for Automated System There was a pressing need for an automated system allowing real-time data entry to ensure synchronization across the team, streamlining operations and improving efficiency.​


  • Centralized Data Management Implemented Sales Cloud to centralize customer data management, providing a unified platform for the sales team to access and update information efficiently.​
  • Streamlined Information Retrieval Automated the roll-up of field values from multiple objects into one object, simplifying data access and ensuring that relevant information is readily available to the sales team.​
  • Real-time Data Entry Enabled real-time data entry during customer interactions, empowering the sales team to input details seamlessly while engaging with end-users, thereby improving efficiency and accuracy.​
  • Layout Optimization Optimized layouts to reduce the number of clicks required for data entry and navigation, enhancing user experience and productivity for the sales team.​
  • Tech Stack: Sales Cloud​


  • Streamlined Processes Automated storage and access of data resulted in a 30% reduction in process time, allowing for smoother workflows and increased operational efficiency.​
  • Saved Time and Effort The automation initiative saved an estimated 25 hours per week for each team member, translating to a 30% decrease in time spent on data management tasks.​
  • Improved User Experience With streamlined processes and reduced manual data entry, user satisfaction improved by 25%, leading to higher productivity and engagement among team members.​
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