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The Client, a distinguished boutique wine grower nestled in the heart of Napa Valley, California, boasts over two decades of expertise in producing exceptional wines.

Diverging from conventional e-commerce approaches, their business model caters to both individual customers and wholesalers, offering a personalized touch in every interaction. The  client ensures that seasoned connoisseurs and novices alike discover a unique selection that resonates with their discerning tastes. They wanted to transform their services and sales process using the latest technologies and enhance their customer experience.


  • Outdated Data Tracking Systems Inefficient data management processes hindered the company’s ability to accurately track transactions, resulting in potential errors and delays in decision-making.​
  • Ineffective Sales Process Their sales process needed to be revised and required testing. As a result, the process was not meeting the intended output, and the client could not launch their new products on time. ​
  • Platform Gaps and Testing Needs They wanted to fill in the gaps and test their platforms, build new custom implementations, and optimize UI/UX design to expedite their new product release process on the portal. ​
  • Requirement of a Customized E-Commerce Platform The Client needed a highly customized e-commerce platform for their elite customers.​


  • Comprehensive Application Health Check Conducted a thorough manual health check of the client’s application to identify bugs and areas for improvement.​
  • QA Automation and Performance Testing Leveraged QA automation expertise to conduct performance and load testing on the client’s website.​
  • Overhaul and Fast-Track Product Launch We Collaborated with the client to revamp their entire process, addressing inefficiencies and bottlenecks, streamlined the processes and implemented the best practices.​
  • Integration Enhancement Implemented and improved the functioning of multiple integrations such as ShipCompliance, MS NAV, SMS Magic, and Stripe.​
  • Tech Stack: Experience cloud, Sales cloud, Marketing cloud


  • Process Set Achieved a 95% reduction in process errors and delays, leading to improved operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  • Better Product Allocation Enhanced tracking and management of accounts, orders, and customer scores facilitated easier product allocation and streamlined communication channels reducing the product allocation errors and improved communication efficiency, resulting in 75% faster response times.​
  • Revenue Boost Experienced a 20% increase in revenue within the first quarter post-implementation, attributed to faster order processing and improved customer satisfaction.​
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